Our packages include up to 3 hours of use (setup and takedown does not count toward the 3 hours). Each additional hour is $100. If you'd like us to show up earlier in the day to avoid a potentially distracting setup during a ceremony, be sure to call or email us so we can work out a solution!

Since most guests' outfits look great against the neutral color, our most popular backdrop is a light brown canvas. Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, this is what we'll plan on using for your event; although if your venue has an interesting wall, texture, or view, we'd love to incorporate these distinct features into the photo!

A 2"x6" photo strip of three vertical photos is our classic layout, and we can also include your name and date on the strip, or even a custom logo, if provided.

Travel within a 25 mile radius of the zip code 97224 is complimentary, and each additional mile is $1 round trip. For example, Google Maps lists 97224 to Salem, OR as 40 miles. This amounts to an extra $15 to cover travel expenses. We love traveling, and if you'd like us to fly out to make your event fun and memorable, we're certainly open to discussing this possibility!


For the best experience, we'd request that you reserve us a space at least 8' wide and 10' deep. Obviously, the more space you're able to provide, the more comfortable your guests will be as they enjoy taking photos throughout the event.

Only one electrical outlet is required to power this memorable experience, and we pack a 25-foot extension cord with The Wood Box. However, if the outlet is going to be further, just give us a heads up so we plan accordingly!

Our “Modern Man,” “Lumberjack,” and “Gold Miner” packages give your guests the ability to upload their photos to their social media accounts realtime. We can also upload each guest’s photo simultaneously to your own social media account if you’d like to have an album that includes every photo. Both of these features rely on use of a high-speed WiFi network, so our photo booth’s location will need to be within range of the wireless router. If this is a feature you’ll be utilizing for your event, we’ll need the network password when we show up.

Finally, we live in the Northwest and are used to limited sunshine all year-round. However, our handmade booth, paper bellows, and fancy gadgets aren’t as easy-going out the idea of working in the rain. For this reason, our photo booth can only be used outdoors on days with clear weather and no chance of rain, or if the venue area is adequately covered (needs to be previously mentioned and discussed before the event).


This should be sent to The Wood Box Co. at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

Main contact's name *
Main contact's name
Main contact's phone number *
Main contact's phone number
Can we show up an hour before to set up, or do you need us to be finished with set up by a certain time? *
I've sent any photo strip details to hello@thewoodbox.co. *
Could include custom text, graphic design, or logos.


This checklist (click here to download the PDF) is for your use as you prepare for your event to ensure easy setup of The Wood Box Co.